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Tone generator with 8051 microcontroller


Darbas anglų kalba. Garsų generatorius su 8051 mikrokontroleriu. Introduction. Background research. Human hearing. Signal generator. Tone generator. 8051 microcontroller. LCD (Liquid crystal display). Loudspeaker or buzzer. Hardware Design. Block diagram. Basic layout of the main board. Circuit diagram. Connecting each component. Software Design. Testing and evaluation. Problems occurred during the project. Future development. Conclusion. Appendix (6 p.).


There are a lot of different sounds that we hear every day and everywhere our days. We can’t imagine our life without hearing the bird songs in the morning, the speech of the people around us, the sound of rain or the rustle of the trees. There are millions of the nature sounds in the world but these are not the only ones that we hear. There are a lot of electrical, mechanical audio sounds made by human beings nowadays and this industry is still growing because people like listening to the music, dancing, creating their own music and so on... So there is a lot of equipment that uses tone generator generally to produce an audible sound.
A tone generator is a type of signal generator optimized for use in audio and acoustics applications. Tone generators typically include sine waves over the audio frequency range (from 20 Hz to 20 kHz).
In this project I will design a tone generator and write a program which will cause the tone generator to produce 7 different tones with different frequencies. To do this I will use the 8051 microcontroller which is capable of providing a high performance control solution. ...

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